Crispy Peanuts and Ikan Bilis

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July 24, 2016 by mummumskitchen

This is part of a “BIG” dinner plan.. In order to save time, I cooked this during weekend so that it will take lesser time to prepare for the “BIG” dinner. Frankly I prefer cooking this using my air fryer, which is a healthier method. But my dear hubby preferred the deep fried method.. Yes, it may taste better but it is pretty time consuming. So I decided to cook larger portion to satisfy his stomach.

DSC_0050-1-1 (1280x720)


100g raw peanuts, washed and dried
150g ikan bilis, washed and dried
Cooking oil


  1. Heat the cooking oil. Put the peanuts into the hot oil.
  2. Turn to small fire and slowly fried the peanut.
  3. When the peanuts turn brown, remove the peanut from the wok.
  4. Next put the ikan bilis into the hot oil. Again, using small fire, slowly fried the ikan bilis till crispy. (Will take around 15 minutes, depending how much you put)
  5. Mix the peanut and ikan bilis together. Cool and store.
  6. If you prefer sweet version, add some sugar into the mixture of peanut and ikan bilis.

Mum mum’s notes:
It is best to deep fry the ikan bilis in small batches. It is time consuming but the ikan bilis will turn out to be more crispy than you deep fry them in large batch.

Remember to wash ikan bilis few times to remove the saltiness. I choose to wash and dry the peanut and ikan bilis at least 30 mins before I start to heat the cooking oil. So that I ensure that they are dry enough. You can choose to skip this if you are not afraid of the splattering oil due to moisture.

Keep the oil for the sambal ikan bilis.


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