Shallot Rice

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August 20, 2016 by mummumskitchen

Shallot rice is also known as 葱油饭 in Chinese. Not too sure where it is originated but it is a dish commonly found in Taiwan. It is a pretty simple dish to prepare too. After cooking it, it seems to be like the one pot rice that I have cooked before. Except that it has more shallot fragrance. ^_^ 

20160819_184818A-1 (1280x906)


Dried shrimps, coarsely chopped
Fried shallot
Garlic, minced
Cooking oil
Rice, washed
Salt to taste


  1. Soak dried mushrooms till soft. Filter and keep the mushroom soak water aside. Slice the mushrooms
  2. Heat the cooking oil and add the dried shrimps. Fried till fragrance.
  3. Add minced garlic to the fried shrimps. When the garlic turns brown, add the mushrooms and dried shallot. Next add the washed rice. Stir fry everything and add some salt to taste.
  4. Put the mixed rice and ingredients into the rice cooker. Add the mushroom water and add more water if is not enough.
  5. Viola!

Mum mum’s notes:
You can either buy those ready made fried shallots from supermarket or you can make the fried shallots yourself. Actually it will be good that you fried the shallots and use the oil to cook the rice. It will add fragrance to it!

How to fry the shallots? Simple! Just heat up the oil and add the sliced shallots. Stir fry the shallots continuously to avoid them being over cooked. When it is brown, drain the shallots and keep the oil to cook the dried shrimps. You can dried lots of shallots at one good and keep it in glass container for future use.

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