Braised pork on rice (Lu Rou Fan) 滷肉飯

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September 17, 2016 by mummumskitchen

I have tried to cook lu rou fan but I have never be able to get similar taste to what I have eaten before in Taiwan. Then I came across a recipe that post by someone in Facebook and he or she was using a “special” ingredient to make this lu rou fan! Hence I decide to follow suit and amazingly, I think it was this ingredient that made it taste my recipe of lu rou fan to really taste like the one I tried in Taiwan!

And I apologise for the ugly looking egg – somehow my hard boiled egg failed to turn out to be prettier, even though it did taste good with the lu rou sauce.



Pork belly, slice thinly and longish
Shallot, slice
Fried shallot
Garlic, minced
Light soy sauce
Rice wine (I choose to omit this)
Rock sugar
Five spices powder
Peanut butter
Hard boiled eggs


  1. Heat up the pot and put the pork belly in. Saute till you see the oil in the pot. Remove the half cooked pork belly from the pot and set aside.
  2. Add the shallot, fried shallot and garlic to the remaining oil in the pot. Saute till fragrance. Add the pork belly back to the pot.
  3. Add light soy sauce and water to cover the pork belly.
  4. Add the five spices powder, pepper, peanut butter and rock sugar into the pot. Continue to stir fry till everything is mixed well.
  5. Add the hard boiled eggs into the pot and cover the pot with the lid. Continue to cook for at least an hour with small heat.
  6. Remember to stir it once a while so that the hard boiled egg is evenly braised.
  7. Serve with rice!


Mum mum’s notes:

Instead of cooking for at least an hour using the pot, you can choose to use slow cooker. But if that is being used, then you probably have to give at least 2 hour so that the hard boiled egg would be braised nicely.


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