Golden Lollipop Chicken

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January 29, 2017 by mummumskitchen

Happy Rooster Year!! I did not prepare this dish during this Chinese New Year but it is certainly one of the dishes that you can consider to make during this festive period (especially it is a year of Rooster!) I will say the most difficult part to do is the deboning process. The rest is just normal deep frying. One needs to be more patient when deboning. The first few “lollipop” I made does not look like a lollipop. But practice makes perfect! After deboning a few times, the “lollipop” gets better.


6 chicken wings (with the drums and mid wings)
Knorr Hao Chi seasonings
Kentucky powder
Cooking oil


  1. Give the chicken wings a twist at the mid joint and cut it to 3 parts (the drumlet, mid wing and the tip). You can keep or discard the wing tip. (I keep it because my hubby loves the wing tip. So I deep fried that for it)
  2. The easiest part to make the lollipop is the drumlet. Using a sharp knife, make a cut round the bone. Then scrap the meat towards to the other end of the drumlet until is 1/3 to the end. Do not over do it. Use your hands to cup the meat to mold into a ball. Set aside.
  3. The tricky one is the mid joint portion. There is a thick and thin bone at the mid joint. And we use the thick bone as the “lollipop” stick. Same as the drumlet, make a cut at the bone tip area. Later scrap it towards the other end. Before you scrap the meet to the 1/3 of the end, you give a twist to the thin bone and pull it out, leaving just the thick bone behind. Use your hands to cup the meat to mold into a ball.
  4. Continue to do if for the rest of the wings.
  5. Marinade the lollipop with Hao chi powder overnight.
  6. Heat the wok with cooking oil. While waiting for it to be hot enough, coat the lollipops with the Kentucky powder.
  7. Deep fry and ready to serve!


Mum mum’s notes:

If you need help in the deboning process, you can view videos in youtube! There are so many of the chefs that upload videos on how to make the lollipop.

And also if you do not have the hao chi powder, you can choose to marinate the lollipops with soy sauce, garlic paste, pepper, lemon juice and salt. You can even try add some chilli powder if you like hot stuffs.


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