Rice Cooker Claypot Rice Ver2

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May 12, 2018 by mummumskitchen

I have previously posted the recipe for rice cooker claypot rice. I have further improvised it after sawing the Meatmen’s claypot rice recipe. And the end result? So much better than my first version! However, this requires a bit more time in terms of preparation. But the result was so good that my family requested more helping. Well, that’s what every mummy wants right? Someone who likes her cooking.. haha


Salted fish, sliced to smaller pieces
Boneless chicken thigh, chop to smaller pieces
Mushrooms, sliced and marinade with oyster sauce
Chinese sausage, sliced
Shallots, minced
Garlic, minced
Shaoxing wine (you can omit this if you are cooking for young kids)
Chicken marinade
Dark soy sauce
Light soy sauce
Oyster sauce
Ginger juice (extremely important to have this)
Sesame oil
Shaoxing wine (you can omit this if you are cooking for young kids)
Corn flour
Chicken Sauce
Dark soy sauce
Light soy sauce
Sesame oil

IMG_20170918_185757-1 (1280x960)


  1. Marinade the chicken overnight with the chicken marinade sauce. It is extremely important to have the ginger juice in it. Do not skip this ingredient. And if possible, use fresh ginger juice and not those off the shelf type.
  2. Wash the rice around 2 times and put in the rice cooker to cook.
  3. While waiting for the rice to be cooked, pan fried the salted fish till it is crispy brown. Set aside
  4. Heat the wok with some cooking oil. Saute the shallot first before garlic. Stir fry the sliced Chinese sausage and mushroom for a minute. Add marinade chicken and stir fry till the chicken is half cooked. Add shaoxing wine, following by the chicken sauce. Give it a few more stir before dishing out.
  5. Once the rice is half cooked (my rice cooker will give a beep when it is half cooked. So that is my indicator. For those whose rice cooker has no such function, just take a look at the rice – half cooked is when the rice is semi-wet but there is no water covering the rice), put the half cooked chicken, sausage and mushroom, together with the sauce into the rice cooker. Place the salted fish into the rice cooker too.
  6. Continue to let the rice cooker do the work. Once done, viola!
  7. You can also blanch some caixin to go with it. 🙂

Mum mum’s notes:

Few words of advice when cooking the rice. Do not add the normal amount of water to the rice for this dish. You need to reduce the water. For example, if you use one cup of rice, the normal amount should be 1.25 cup of water. Instead of that, you should use 1 cup of water instead. This will ensure that the rice is not too wet, because you are going to add the sauce in too. So if you add normal amount of water, the whole claypot rice will be too wet. Well, at least that’s for me.. I like the rice to be a bit “grainy”.. 🙂


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